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Hey everyone. I just finished this year of college and I'll be spending this week off on holiday. So I should be back on Friday. See you all when I get back.
So I just had a bot message me on Skype asking if I would like to checkout this "person" by sending a link to a website that would "need" my credit card details. Of course this being a bot, I couldn't resist having a bit of a laugh with it. So here is some of the conversation I had with it.

[19:49:00] Bot: HI
[19:49:28] Me: Hey. :)
[19:50:01] Bot: Finally! some1 to talk to ! lol   I'm a bit forgetful lol, have we spoken before? ;)
[19:51:32] Me: Yes, I was dressed up as a chicken when when we last spoke.
[19:52:18] Bot: hmm ok. Your username seemed familiar. lol sorry, I was just looking for someone to talk with, I hope you don't mind chatting with a bored single 23/f lol  So what u up to?
[19:54:06] Me: 14/both and right now, I'm sexually frustrated.
[19:55:05] Bot: Hmmm well maybe I can spice up your week even more lol..what kind of girls are you into? you like nerdy girls?
[19:57:34] Me: I'm interested in men with big boobs
[19:58:49] Bot: lol you should know nerdy girls and redheads are the biggest freaks! ;-) I have some free time now my roommate went out...i love to tease ;-)  Wanna see? its up to in the mood lol
[20:03:24] Me: Will it cost anything? I kinda sold my webcam for a doughnut.

And there is more, but I didn't bother adding it here because there wasn't anything funny I could thing of to say. But how about you all let me know what you would have said to this "person" on Skype down in the comments. Later! ;)


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Ellis Parker
United Kingdom
I'm mainly a gamer, so don't expect art work from me much. I'm also a student in a Interactive Media & Games Development course at my local college.


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MrPaprikat Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016  Student Interface Designer
Thanks :))
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You're welcome. :3
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Thank You by Kitten-Bomb
UNHxBurger Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016
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DeadPlushies Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2016
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Acillus Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016  Student General Artist
Hello, Ellis! This is super late, but thanks for the :+devwatch:! And happy belated birthday! :hug:
UNHxBurger Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016
You're welcome. ^^ And thanks. Hug 
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